Bone Graft Treatment

Bone Graft Treatment Beverly Hills

Following an oral surgery to fix the problem of your missing teeth or teeth deformities, you can undergo a bone grafting procedure to anchor your dental implant.

To undergo the surgical process, you will be advised accordingly on the type of bone graft that is suitable for grafting into your jaw bone.

The bone can be obtained from a donor, your own body in most cases or it can be human-made.

An experienced dentist will perform a bone graft treatment Beverly Hills procedure to provide a framework where your new bone can grow.

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Below are reasons why you should visit the Top Dentist in LA any day to ensure that you keep your bone structure in check after undergoing a tooth extraction:

  • To stabilize your jaws

After undergoing a dental implant, a Bone Graft Treatment Beverly Hills helps to restore the foundation of your jaws and at the same time stabilize them. When the bone is restructured, it will help to provide more anchorage and correct your teeth deformities.

  • To prevent a bone recession

After undergoing a tooth extraction or suffering from severe periodontal disease, your body may fail to restructure a new bone to replace the old one. Such a condition may require you have a bone graft fixed to limit or prevent the bone recession process.

  • To enhance the bone healing process

After undergoing a surgical, dental implant procedure, you will need a bone graft to enhance the healing process of the bone surrounding your implanted device.

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