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Dental Crowns Beverly Hills

Human being’s teeth are prone to several problems, including deterioration of the appearance, losing shape and reduction in size due to wearing out of the enamel.

In such cases, your teeth do not have to remain that way- there is a solution – Dental Crowns Beverly Hills.

You can decide to visit Top Dentist in LA to restore your smile.

To cover the tooth that is in bad condition, a dental crown is used to refer the tooth to give it back its initial appearance, strength, size, and shape.

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Inside look at 3 different types of crowns.

What dental crown options do you have to choose from?

When it comes to getting a permanent crown for your tooth, you have several options to choose from. The various types of crowns include:

  • All-resin

This type of tooth covering is considerably cheaper as compared to all other crown types. As you all know, everything that is cheaper has its side of defects. With this covering, you are more likely to have fractures on the repaired tooth, or you may have to replace it soon because of wearing out as time goes by.

  • All-ceramic

Also known as an all-porcelain Dental Crowns Beverly Hills, this type of covering is suitable for both front and back teeth to give them a more natural look because of its natural color. In a case where you are allergic to metals, this type of crown is recommended.

  • Stainless steel

This crown is commonly used in children because of their ability to shed their primary teeth. In the process of shedding, the crown fitted on the tooth, for instance, a decaying one, the crown comes out naturally with the tooth. The fact that installing this crown does not require one to make frequent appearances to the doctor makes it cost-effective.

  • Metallic crowns

You may want to consider this option if you’re going to cover teeth that are found at the back of the mouth. You don’t want to look freaky with them at the front when you smile. This type of crown does not suffer breaking or chipping, thus last for a long time – so at least you are free of frequent visits to the dentist.


After getting your crown, you have to take care of it appropriately to protect it from any disease or infections.

Special care for a crowned tooth

A crowned tooth is prone to factors such as gum disease or decay as well. You need to uphold the necessary hygiene practices around the crowned tooth such as flossing daily and brushing at least twice a day. Using mouthwash will also help to get rid of any bacteria that are likely to cause gum disease or decay around the crowned tooth.

For how long does a dental crown last?

The lifespan of your dental crown will be determined by various factors such as:

  • Your oral hygiene practices
  • The type of dental crown that you opt for
  • Exposure to elements of wear and tear
  • The frequency of personal teeth habits such as biting your fingernails among others
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