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Over the years, dentistry has evolved to only focus on quick teeth fixes with limited consideration to the overall health of the patient. This is what is called modern dentistry. Worse yet, unsafe chemicals are used in many procedures that are likely to be harmful to the body in the long run. That is why many people still use holistic dentistry. In a nutshell, holistic dentistry looks at the health of the patient for a permanent solution to the dental issues. As such, a holistic dentist Beverly Hills is not your typical dentist since they find the relationship between your oral and whole health.

There is no doubt that the holistic approach to treating dental conditions is the best route to use if you are looking for a long-lasting solution. This implies that there are man benefits to be achieved when using this type of dentistry that has been in existence longer that you may think. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting the Top Dentist in LA for holistic dentistry.

Focuses on the whole health

Holistic dentistry looks beyond your oral health. It focuses on the whole health as well. The idea here is to find the connection between the two types of health and come up with ways to make sure that they coordinate to promote each other. To put into context, a tooth decay may look like a dental issue that requires filling the cavity for a traditional dentist but a holistic dentist sees more. they will think of the issues in the physical health that led to the decay of the tooth.

In essence, you will not only find a solution for your dental condition but also that of your whole health to ensure that the problem does not arise again.

Doesn’t use Fluoride Treatments

It is common to undergo procedures that use fluoride treatments in the modern dentistry such as curing cavities, but the story is different for holistic dentistry. Unlike what has been generally accepted for a long time, fluoride chemicals are not healthy for your teeth and overall health. Recent studies have found out that the use of fluoride is related to a number of health conditions such as arthritis, brain damage, bone cancer, and dementia among others. the good thing is that holistic dentistry uses materials free from toxins to safeguard your health.

Doesn’t use Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings have a huge concentration of mercury at about 50%. This substance is considered one of the most harmful substances to the body since once used in a dental procedure, it finds ways into the blood stream to the body tissues where it causes havoc. Holistic dentistry understands the need to avoid the use of amalgam fillings and use healthier composite alternative for the same purpose.

Seldom uses X-Rays

Repeated use of dental X-Rays has been linked to the development of brain tumors in patients, yet this seems to be a standard procedure for many traditional dentists. The high radiation of these rays has been found to have adverse effects on a person’s health and should be avoided where possible. A holistic dentist Beverly Hills will use digital X-Ray, which has about half as much radiation as the traditional X-Ray machines, where necessary and avoid it in many instances.

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