Veneers Beverly Hills

What exactly are Veneers Beverly Hills?

This is a layer of coating placed over a tooth to improve the tooth’s appearance and protect it from damage. W

hen it comes to this coating, you have a variety of options to choose from. Your choice runs down to what you are comfortable with.

Situations that require the use of dental veneers include:

  • When your teeth are broken or chipped
  • When your teeth are worn down
  • When your teeth that have gaps in between – dental veneers are used to close the holes in the teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth that is caused by stains root canal treatment, drugs or excessive fluorides.
  • Having teeth that are not correctly aligned on the gums, causing unevenness.

Procedures undertaken when getting a dental veneer

In most cases, obtaining a dental veneer from Top Dentist in LA requires that you make three appointments to the dentist.

The first visit is to consult on the ideal procedure to be undertaken for your situation. The other two trips are for fitting the veneer layer.

During the procedure, your tooth undergoes:

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  • Examination of teeth and diagnosis of treatment

This is the first step in obtaining a dental veneer. Your dentist will examine your teeth and give you a diagnosis of your interests at heart.

He or she will also advise you appropriately on the details of the procedure that you are planning to undertake, including its advantages and setbacks.

  • Preparation for a veneer

Preparation of a tooth before fitting a veneer involves the following steps:

Extraction of enamel-Fitting of a veneer requires some millimeters of enamel to be removed from your tooth- an amount equal to the amount of veneer that is to be added. Before embarking on it, your dentist will help you identify the ideal anesthetic option to numb the region around your tooth.

Modeling an impression of your tooth- the model made by the dentist will determine the veneer that will be put on your tooth. After making the print, your dentist will send it to a laboratory, where your veneer will be constructed. From there, it will take roughly three weeks to get your veneer from the laboratory.

Temporary placement of the veneer on your tooth- this step is also known as bonding. The dentist will place the veneer temporarily on your tooth to examine its color and fit. If need be, the veneer will have to be trimmed to achieve the best fit.

Before permanently cementing the veneer on the tooth, your tooth will be appropriately cleaned and polished to ease the bonding process. Another appointment may be required to examine the placement of the veneer and its adaptability to the gums.

Caring for your dental veneer

After getting your Veneers Beverly Hills, it is essential that you undertake the necessary measures of taking care of it.

Your veneer does not require any particular attention other than the simple oral hygiene practices.

These include using dental floss to floss in between your teeth, brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash.

If you opted for the porcelain type of veneer, you might want to keep away from foods and beverages such as coffee that is likely to cause stains.

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