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Ozone dentistry Beverly Hills

Teeth conditions are everyone’s worst nightmare especially when they involve a bit of pain, and the dentist has to administer anaesthesia or sedate you.  We all dread that injection on the jaw. The injection causes trauma in many people, and sometimes they end up neglecting the dental condition till it deteriorates completely, and they have no otherwise but to see a dentist.

If the condition that you are suffering from is decayed teeth which have been detected within the first stages by the laser machines, then there is some good news for you. You do not have to through the needle ordeal which can be very traumatizing. There is an alternative treatment for decayed teeth known as the Ozone which is available at the Top Dentist in LA.

The Ozone dentistry Beverly Hills is a procedure used to treat decayed teeth without having to inject or drill on their jaw bone.

The process is ideal which makes it ideal for young children and needle-phobic adults as it is painless and effective.


Defining Ozone dentistry

Many people might find it impossible to believe that there is a way to escape the needle if your teeth are starting to decay. The Ozone treatment is a trouble-free and fast treatment to decaying teeth.

The Ozone is sprayed on the decayed teeth and seals the teeth hence preventing any further decay from happening. The Ozone treats teeth to decay by naturally reversing the decaying process; it forms a protective layer on the teeth which will protect it against any cavities in future.

The three main products made out of ozone are ozonated water, ozonated olive oil and ozone gas which are all thoroughly researched on.

The ozone molecule exists naturally. It comprises of three oxygen atoms as opposed to the usual two.

The invention of the treatment

The Ozone Dentistry Beverly Hills is a technique that has been around for a long time. Ozone has been implemented in water as the ozonated water, in dentistry and medicine for more than ten decades.

Over the course of the last five decades, over fifty million have received ozone treatment for their dental cavities throughout the globe. At the Top Dentist in LA, we have treated a large number of patients using this treatment, especially children.

Advantages of being treated using ozone

The process of ozone treatment is painless and fast. No injections are required or a long session with the dentist as they try to save your teeth using other procedures. The procedure takes only about sixty seconds which is fat and convenient.

The process is also permanent and effective which means there will be no endless visits to the dentist for cavity treatment. The treatment is a long-term solution not temporary. Resources such as time and money which would have been spent at the dentist’s facility will also be saved.

In addition to saving the remaining part of the tooth from cavity attack, the ozone will sterilize the water lines and the gum tissues during the root canal procedure.

It is also used to treat dental infections and ease teeth sensitivity.

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