Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills

Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills is an anxiety-free experience helps to prevent dental phobia for people who are afraid to visit the dentist. In this procedure, sedatives are used to give a calm and relaxed state with no anxiety. Various drugs such as anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, depressants, and tranquilizers are used.

Ways of administering sedative drugs

Sedation drugs can be delivered in a variety of ways such as:

This is a safe and effective method when administered at Top Dentist in LA. In the past, it was mainly used to inject sedatives into the blood vessels on the hand to sedate a dental patient.

Presently, better “no needle” alternatives are involved that are more preferred.

For people who need extensive work, being asleep allows us to perform more procedures, whether you are doing several root canals, a full mouth reconstruction, or removal of your wisdom teeth. Patients who have special needs may be unable to cooperate with requirements to remain still for long periods of time.

This approach is the easiest as it does not involve any needles. To enhance cooperation, comfort, and safety of the patient, this conventional technique establishes a maintained level of consciousness and comfortable experience. At an experienced dentist’s office, you will obtain the necessary procedure for your tooth from a highly trained professional.

Benefits of sedation dentistry

  • The procedure seems to last for only a few minutes when that is not the actual case.
  • There is no need for frequent visits to the dentists because complex dental procedures are taken care of in fewer appointments.
  • It places the dental patient in a more relaxed and comfortable situation during the treatment procedure.
  • Sedation dentistry enables a follow up on patients to keep their oral health in check and prevent the occurrence of severe oral health problems.
  • It keeps you awake throughout the entire dental procedure, but you're most likely to remember nothing afterward.

* Please discuss these topics with Dr. Goodman before treatment and using laughing gas.*

Factors to consider when selecting a sedation dentist

Before undertaking any routine dental checkups or visits, there are a few factors that you should put into consideration to ensure that services are offered to you with maximum expertise and safety. You may want to look at:

  • Your medical history

To ensure that sedation dentistry is ideal for you, you should submit complete documentation of your medical history inclusive of any supplements or medication that you are currently undertaking. This will enable the sedation dentist to address your situation appropriately.


  • Educational background of your selected dentist

Before having any hands touching your teeth, you should find out the educational background of the dentist and the staff members who will be delivering their services.Ensure that they have the necessary skills of sedation dentistry to provide you with services that best suit your interests.


  • Patient monitoring equipment

As a dental patient, you will undergo a sedation dentistry practice when there is an availability of monitoring equipment in the procedure room before the performance of your treatment. The equipment should include oxygen machines, agents to perform a reversal medication should a reaction occur and a pulse oximeter.


  • An informed consent document for review

After making a well-informed decision and you’re ready to undertake the sedation dentistry procedure, a comprehensive form should be reviewed to get familiar with any other details regarding the dental process. Your sedation dentist should inform you of any dental aspects such as risks and advantages that are associated with your treatment.

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