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For many individuals, a visit to the dentist’s office is something they do not do unless circumstances force them. Many fear that there is excruciating pain that comes about as a result of dental procedures. Others think that the cost if the procedures is too costly for them.

A majority of individuals, therefore, end up neglecting their dental health due to these insignificant issues. There is a range of dental conditions ranging from bleeding gums to stained teeth.

Some of the things we love such as espressos after the duration of time start staining your teeth, and you might require having them whitened.

Teeth whitening Beverly Hills is something that is regularly done as people enhance the appearance of their teeth.

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Our services and care

Beverly Hills is full of individuals with diverse dental conditions that need dental attention.

At the Top Dentist in LA, we offer a wide variety of dental services such as dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry, endodontic, routine check-ups, periodontics, dental implants, smile design and teeth whitening.

The significance of teeth whitening

A   smile with a perfect set of white teeth gives voluminous information regarding the individual’s degree of self-esteem and confidence.  It is a common occurrence for business to hire people with teeth that are pearl white during their social gatherings to mingle with their guests. This shows the high extent to which people hold individuals with a perfect set of white teeth. Every individual is entitled to a perfect smile especially with the current trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Individuals with stained or discoloured teeth find it very hard to smile widely or laugh because they do not want to expose their teeth. We all want to enjoy those happy and funny moments without having reservations and holding back. There is nothing that feels good like getting lost in laughter and enjoying every moment of it. Like a wise man once said, “laughter is the medicine of the heart”. Specialists in teeth whitening every Hills are here to ensure that your teeth do not hinder you from smiling as much as you would like or laughing as often as you would like.

Types of teeth whitening procedures

There are various types used in institutions that offer the best teeth whitening Beverly Hills such as zoom, laser whitening and home bleaching. In the zoom procedure, a whitening gel is placed on the teeth then heated lightly to enable the whitening agent to go through to the enamel and dentin bleaching them. The teeth bleached using this procedure is six times whiter after one procedure.

While using the laser whitening procedure the gel with bleaching ingredients is applied on the teeth then the stains are removed using a tool known as a diode laser. The procedure needs to be done a few times to achieve the desired whiteness. In the home bleaching procedure gel salvers or strips with bleaching agents can be used. The gel salvers containing peroxide are placed on the teeth to remove the stains. Several treatments are required in order to achieve the desired whiteness and it only lasts up to about twelve months.

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